Agile Tour Vienna

On Saturday, Oct 27th, over 100 participants came to the Agile Tour Vienna at the FH Technikum Wien. The mood was great and the verbal feedback too.

I missed the keynote by Mitch Lacey as I was still at the registration desk for the late arrivals. We offered several tracks to choose from and, like at any other conference, it was difficult to decide where to go as all session sounded great. I found “Specification by Example” by Christian Hassa most valuable for me.

Katharina Fritz and I gave a session on “How to evolve from specialized individuals to a co-working team – an experience report from Agfa Healthcare“. We had several interested people in the room and we received many knowledgeable questions from the audience. I certainly had fun in the session. The material is also available via the Agile Tour Vienna website.

I look forward to the Agile Tour Vienna 2012 :)

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