iCom is a cooperative EU-project between the Vienna University and the Masaryk University in Brno to promote and research constructive, international communication in the context of Information- and Communication Technology (ICT). On September 26-27th I was invited to join the 3rd iCom workshop in Chvalovice.

The workshop was focused on communication (obstacles, transparency and openness) and cooperation in IT projects, computer-supported communication as well as agile methods and characteristics of well-functioning teams. At the end of the workshop some participants were asked to comment on the importance of communication and the value the workshop provided. This is my comment:

I found the workshop very valuable and I look forward to further participating in the project.

Speaking at Agile2011 My colleague Marc Bless and I will be leading a workshop at Agile2011 named “Fear Driven Impediments”.

In many cases fear is a reason for impediments of an agile team and can cause many effects: resistance to organizational change, procrastination of decisions, inability to surface the real issues in retrospectives. To successfully remove such impediments, the fears of all involved individuals must be understood. If fear is a reason to fail, it should be dealt with as fast as possible.

This workshop arose out of an Open Space session at XP2010 and was further refined at the XP Days Germany 2010.

Marc Bless and I initiated a session on “Overcoming fear at the workplace” during the Open Space at XP2010. I’d like to thank everyone for participating and contributing to make it such a fun and inspiring moment of the conference.